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Monday 27th March 2023 / 5 Ramadhan 1444

ACLC official arrested over two sisters’ short-term kidnapping in Malir

KARACHI: The head constable of Anti-Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) was arrested for facilitating the ‘short-term kidnapping’ of two sisters in a police vehicle last month.

Malir Investigation Police conducted a raid at ACLC office in Landhi to arrest the police officials and took the head constable in custody. According to investigation officer Inspector Tahir Shah, the incident concerning the brief kidnapping of the two sisters took place on October 21.

He said the two sisters, Hamida, aged 15, and Sajida, aged 22, were kidnapped from Ghanchi Market in Malir. The suspect used a police vehicle allegedly in connivance with police officials in the incident. He said the girls were taken on a ride through various parts of the city in the police vehicle during which a phone call was made to their family.

The suspects demanded an immediate ransom of Rs1 million which the family was unable to pay. The girls were released on the payment of Rs15,000 cash and some jewelry ornaments.

Further investigation in the case revealed the involvement of police officials. The CCTV footage of the incident was retrieved after which action was taken against and a raid was conducted on the office of the ACLC and the on-duty head constable Liaquat was arrested.

ACLC Landhi inspector Irfan Kazmi along with three policemen and two other citizens are also involved in the incident. The police officers have not returned to duty after the incident and police is making efforts to apprehend them.

The policemen dressed in plain clothes had kidnapped the two sisters from Malir in a police vehicle and a motorcycle. The girls were released near the Rangers headquarters in Saudabad after being threatened that their brothers will be killed and the cash and valuables were received.

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