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Friday 8th December 2023 / 25 Jamadilawal 1445

73-year-old man delivers food in Islamabad to earn

ISLAMABAD: Fayyaz Akhtar Faizi, a 73-year-old resident of Sector I-11, has started working as a delivery boy in Food Panda due to domestic circumstances.

Fayyaz Akhtar has served in the Ministry of Finance for 27 years. However, due to overburdening debt, he has started working at such old age. Talking to MM News, Fayyaz Akhtar Faizi said that he has only one son, a wife, and three grandchildren, along with a daughter-in-law. This is our small family.

Fayyaz Akhtar said that he has worked in the Ministry of Finance for 27 years and now he is retired. I rented a mobile shop for my son during the first wave of the coronavirus but things did not work, because the markets were closed due to the epidemic, he maintained.

He said that due to the closure of markets, all the accumulated capital was spent. “I became indebted of Rs. 13 lakhs out of which I have paid loan of Rs. 9 lakh and still owe Rs 4 lakh,” he added. Fayyaz Akhtar said he gets a pension of Rs 25,000 which goes up in terms of house rent.

“I was at home thinking why should I be a burden to my son? I should take advantage of my studies,” he said. “I went to the food Panda and asked them for work, so they hired me,” he said by adding, “They charged me Rs. 25 per bag and gave me a shirt free and I started working.”

“People appreciate me and my work. I work as a delivery man in Sector G-11 and F-12. I start work at half-past one in the afternoon and keep working till about ten o’clock at night,” he said. “I have to work at this age, otherwise my heart wants me to spend more time worshiping and resting home, but I am working hard to keep fulfilling the necessities of life,” he added.

Fayyaz Akhtar said that at night when he finishes work, he deposits the entire account in his account through easy money and then transfers the company’s money to the company online. 

“I am hand-to-mouth, but I still don’t ask for anything from anyone,” he said. Akhtar also appealed to the Prime Minister and philanthropists to take him, to a small house so that he can pay off his debt. “I wish my mortgage would be paid before me and my son would get his own house,” he asserted.

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