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50-year-old man fools people as a young woman biker in Japan

Anything seems possible in the era of fast-paced technology after a popular Japanese ‘female’ motorbike rider turned out to be a 50-year-old man.

Hailing from Tokyo, a man named Zonguu who uses the username ‘azusagakuyuki’ on Twitter had been gaining nearly 20.5k followers by posting images of himself disguised as a girl wearing a biker jacket used a face-changing app to fool hide his disguise.

However, he was recently exposed when a Japanese entertainment TV show managed to track down the creator of the Twitter feed after his followers noticed something untoward in his picture uploaded last month on 11th February which showed the photographer’s face in the mirror of the bike. After zooming in on the image, a man can be seen in the picture.

Credit: Twitter
The image of a man can be seen in a zoomed picture
Credit: Twitter/@azusagakuyuki
The manly hands can be seen in the picture

After speculations among the social media users, the production team of the news channel tracked the middle-aged biker down, after which they were shocked to find that underneath the helmet, there was a man with shoulder-length hair.

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Upon being caught, the 500-year-old biker revealed his own secret that he just a face-changing app for his pictures to increase the engagement of his posts. He also went on to add that the ‘beautifying’ process was enjoyable, as was the number of likes on his Instagram posts.

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