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5 health benefits of consuming oranges this winter

We all know the benefits of replacing processed food with natural Earth candies. Consuming orange has its benefits, it is packed with vitamins and minerals.

Let’s discuss the five health benefits of eating oranges this winter.


             1.  Regulate blood pressure levels

Oranges are rich in Vitamin B6. It helps in supporting and producing hemoglobin. They also have a strong presence of magnesium and potassium which regulates blood pressure.



             2. Promote hearth health

 The potassium in oranges has another role as well. The potassium in oranges reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is also widely believed that Vitamin C in oranges protects against heart diseases.



            3. Lower down the risk of cancer 

The fibers and D- limonene in oranges reduce the risk of cancers. The list may include colon cancer, lung cancer, and skin cancer. Vitamin C and antioxidants in oranges are both important to build the body’s immunity. As they assist in fighting cancer.



           4. Prevent Kidney stones

Kidney stones are small mineral deposits that accumulate in your kidneys, often causing symptoms like severe pain or nausea. Orange juice has ascorbic acid, hence, it neutralizes the pH value, making it more alkaline, thus preventing kidney stones.



           5. May decrease inflammation 

Inflammation is a part of the immune system to protect against diseases and infections. However, high levels of inflammation for a longer period of time may lead to chronic diseases. Some studies have suggested that orange juice could decrease inflammation and problems tied to it.



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